Leducq PlaqOmics Network Meeting in Noordwijkerhout, NL

Partners from Europe and US headed towards Noordwijkerhout to join the 1,5 days Annual meeting of the PlaqOmics consortium. This was the first F2F meeting after the pandemic. We keep you posted about the outcome!


Leducq PlaqOmics Network Meeting in Philadelphia

Partners from Europe are heading towards Philadelphia to join the 1,5 days Annual meeting of the PlaqOmics consortium. We keep you posted about the outcome!


Initial Reviews of the Young Investigator Grants announced

Today Gary and Gerard circulated the reviews of the first round of the Young Investigator Grants. Eleven proposals have been submitted for our initial round of Young Investigator Awards. The coordinators were delighted with the number and overall quality of the applications. Final funding decision will be made end of August.


White Paper about PlaqOmics in Circulation Research

Thromboembolic events secondary to rupture or erosion of advanced atherosclerotic plaques represent the leading cause of death worldwide. However, the mechanisms that regulate plaque stability are poorly understood. The overall hypothesis of our PlaqOmics Network is that detrimental reprogram-ming of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) and other ACTA2+ fibrous cap cells destabilizes atherosclerotic plaques and that there are critical genetic deter-minants of CAD risk that act, in part, by impacting phenotypic transitions of fibrous cap cells.


Promotion video for our progress meeting is online


Agenda for the progress meeting is finalized

We are happy to announce that our first progress meeting is starting in 4 days.


Wonderful two-days progress meeting in Lübeck

We made substantial progress bringing together our PlaqOmics members.

A lot of collaborations have been started and excited new data has been generated.


Official Announcement of Funding for PlaqOmics

Today we received the official announcement from the Leducq foundation that "18CVD02: Defining the Roles of Smooth Muscle Cells and Other Extracellular Matrix Producing Cells in Late Stage Atherosclerotic Plaque Pathogenesis" will be funded.

Exciting times ahead of us!


Pre-Award Meeting

The pre-award meeting took place in Charlottesville. It was an inspiring meeting with almost all PIs and Co-PIs. We discussed logistics of our network as well as scientific goals.


First Annual Meeting

Our first Annual Meeting will take place in Lübeck, Germany on April 8./9. 2019.


F2F meeting at Hamburg Airport

F2F meeting of PIs and members of PlaqOmics at Hamburg airport.


Gary and Gerard commenting on the results of the CANTOS trial

The CANTOS Trial: One Important Step for Clinical Cardiology but a Giant Leap for Vascular Biology.


Aloke and Liang discussing their work published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.